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Written by- Gaurav Sachdeva
Gauravano commented
Very interesting! Gaurav Sachdeva
sachdevarockz commented
Nice article
sachdevarockz commented
Awesome work !!
sachdevarockz commented
awesome article !!
Gauravano commented
awesome work man !!!
Gauravano commented
Awesome work !!!
Gauravano commented
trial comment
Jeff commented
haha this is cool. is there a reply-by-email in this demo? once you can put this up on your proposal, mention @liz and @stevie in there in a comment to alert them, they'll be excited!
Gauravano commented
yes, Jeff, the reply-by-email functionality is implemented in this, I have mentioned them.I am glad you like it. It would be awesome once implemented in PublicLab website.
Gauravano commented
checking feature, test success till now
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